05 December 2010

Civil Discourse

I have finally figured out what is wrong with the article in the Slant, other than it is JUST WRONG to treat anyone that way.

Frannie proposed ideas. Her adversary responded not by saying that he disagreed with her ideas and then argued his ideas. He said that he disliked her ideas and that he disliked her, rather viciously. This is not the sort of civil discourse that a university should promote. Unpopular ideas need to be given room for expression, without fear of intimidation.

If such intimidation is not checked, then we will be left only with articles of the intellectual merit of discussing the Lambda Chi Watermelon Smash.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The article was vicious and unkind
but understandable. The writer is
defending a moral norm that works
to his advantage. Twenty years ago,
I read a statistic that changed my
view on abortion. The study stated
that the demographic group that was
most supportive of the most liberal
abortion laws was men under the age
of 30. Otherwise brilliant,
attractive women have accepted a
moral norm that takes a greater
emotional and physical toll on them under the guise of "freedom". I
guess every generation has to learn the hard way.