03 December 2010

Hey -- Sorry for the Gloom!

Looking back at the last few posts, it seems pretty gloomy around here! Can you tell that I am preaching to myself? No mystery there. But really, I could not be happier about what is going on here -- at Vandy Catholic and in my heart. But there is a mystery to it as well. I have got to get used to that.

Wow -- today's Gospel is such a help. "'Let it be done for you according to your faith.' And their eyes were opened." And the first reading isn't so bad either: "Those who err in spirit shall acquire understanding." "Out of gloom and darkness, the eyes of the blind shall see."

OK, OK -- I have been blind.

I was just praying upstairs in the little chapel in Frassati House. Out the window, I could see the slightest sliver of the moon. The Blessed Mother reached out in that faint reflected light to comfort and to correct me. She emerges radiant, calling me from gloom. She says: "Just turn a little, and you will face the Sun like I do."


Anonymous said...

The last few posts didn't seem
gloomy-they seemed hopeful.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, poetic post on your prayer time this glorious morning!