04 December 2010


"Love is our Lord's meaning." I have a feeling that I am going to be wrestling with this one for a while. For me, things have to mean something real. Maybe that is not the case for everyone. I don't know. I really don't like artificial things. Flowers have to be real. Candles have to be real. Fake stuff is just fake stuff. A fake flower could just as well be a fake skunk. But a flower is a flower. It means "flower" not "glob of plastic shaped in a certain way." PR, management, high liturgy, etc. are all fine as long as they have something real behind them and are not like the advertisements for some fancy unbuilt buildings on West End that mask a big hole in the ground. The "sacramentum" of liturgy is awesome so long as the "res" is really there.

So what is the meaning of my faith, what makes it real and not artificial? Well, Dame Julian proposes that it is love (not great deeds, popularity, big programs, etc.) because that is what Jesus "means." I believe that St. Paul and a few others have had much the same idea! I have to confess that I have not really lived in a way that demonstrates that I understand that meaning. To some extent, I have put up pretty signs about love; but they mask a big hole rather than reveal a reality.

All must be charity, not just enough window dressing to get people to "buy it." Actually if all really were charity, it is very likely that few would buy it. Marketing, after all, sells. Enough for now -- more later, I'm sure.

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Anonymous said...

Not quite sure what you mean. You
love Jesus. That is obvious. You
make yourself available to others
both personally and through the
sacraments so that God's love can
be shared with us through grace.
(I'm no theologian so I guess that's
how it works). That seems like
love to me.

Once I tried to read a book by
the Pope and couldn't get very far
but there was an idea that I
grasped and has helped me in
relationships. He said that a
sign of the Holy Spirit is to
abide and that seems what you do.

God bless you.