01 December 2010

"the Waiting of God"

Yup, that's what Pope Benedict said. God waits. What does God wait for? He waits for you. How can God wait? Well, that's the question. How can God wait and still be God? Of course, Jesus in His sacred humanity waited. It is part of the experiential knowledge of His human nature to know waiting: we wait. But I believe that Pope Benedict means something more than this. God the Father waits. The Holy Spirit waits. The Eternal Word waits. The Blessed Trinity waits. Doesn't waiting require a subject who awaits fulfillment and is therefore not godlike? God would not be God, if He were not fulfilled already. We can only say that God waits because He chooses to. It is an expression of His perfection that He can make Himself wait. (I am sorry, but I can't go much further than that. You will need someone holier and wiser that I am for that.) Of course, what He waits for will in no way add to His perfection, and yet He chooses to wait for us and for our sake alone. He waits because He wants us to wait, to choose, to long, to endure. To love.

Pope Benedict compares God's waiting to the waiting of the Blessed Virgin. Of course, our waiting should be like hers. What's it like?

Well, she, like God, chooses to wait. The most common comment that I received from yesterday's post had to do with choosing to wait. Y'all said to me: "OK, Father, I can see the beauty of waiting; but I don't have to choose it." Well, yes, you do. Because He does, and she did. We get to choose to wait, not just have to wait. Waiting is another of the disguises of love -- and of the best kind of love, sacrificial love. Stoicism will not do here -- "I will like waiting with my teeth clinched and fists curled." Nope. That won't do. Well, it will do, if it is the best that you can do; but God will wait for you to do better! The Blessed Virgin did not "white knuckle" the waiting for 30 years! She loved it instead, hard as it was. His "hour" had to come.

Think of all the things we can do in the waiting. The little loving that proves a great love. Let's do it.

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Anonymous said...

He gave us the His presence in the
Eucharist where He physically
awaits our presence.

One of the beautiful aspects for
me concerning the Blessed Virgin's
waiting is that after Jesus
ascended to the Father, she stayed
with us nurturing the infant
Christian community and showing
by example what discipleship means.
Her access to the Eucharistic Jesus
was from the hands of those who,
for the most part, abandoned her
child in the hour of His greatest