06 January 2011

Inspirations, continued!

Since I seem to be into sharing my emails, here is one to Tala, our FOCUS team leader. I don't think that she will mind my sharing part of it with you all!

"Everything starts back as of 9 p.m. Sunday (actually Holy Hour at 7:30 p.m.). 5:30 Mass begins on Monday.

Thanks for fussing at me about the time. You can do it again today. I fall asleep too early, and then wake up too early. I promise you that I am going to try to get this under control. The best answer is for you all to keep me up until 11, and then make me go pray and go to bed. That is my plan. Also make sure that I am getting exercise. But do pray for me. I am sort of worried about January. It is just too much, but I don't know what I could take out of it at this point. Next year... When am I going to learn?

Here is some business that I like: from what I understand rush will be over by next Sunday. I think that is when we need to hit people with a plan for a return to sanity: a plan for living (Jesus). I want to try to get as many people as we can connected to some group or event smaller than Sunday Mass. As for rush, maybe I could have my first FSC about rush on Wednesday night in Commons. What do you think about that? It is the only night that there are not rounds. Next Sunday, we need a full-court press on for Bible studies, iFacts, FSC, etc. What do you think? Also, can we do some sort of re-outreach, just to get some more in the door? S'mores in Kissam, frisbee in Highlands, etc. Let me know what you think.

Along those lines, I have been talking with Chad about the Vandy Catholic mission. What do you think about this: "Proposing Jesus Christ and forming His disciples at Vanderbilt." Then explaining the four pillars of formation with something added on the front end about "proposing" -- about evangelizing. "Getting them in the door" reminded me about this. It is really Joe's point from our trip to Sewanee. What are our tactics of evangelization? Of course, we ought to be proposing Jesus in everything, but what are we doing that is specifically designed for this? What is our plan? What works or is necessary here? Roman Rush is a great example, but what else on an on-going basis? -- These are not rhetorical questions!

Somehow Jesus in not really known, not even really given a chance. Life with him is so much better than themed extravagance like so many Vanderbilt parties. Even so much better than anything without Him. There is so much zeal for the things of the world among our students, many of them beautiful things, some pretty ugly or at least empty things. How do we get them even to see the best thing -- Jesus Christ?

OK, I guess that is enough.
Faithfully, Fr. Baker"

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ERIC said...

Father John Sims: Eric Korn from Sewanee sends his greetings. I have been a Roman Catholic for 20 years and continue to faithfully practice the faith. I am glad to see that your are ministering to the collegiate audience, for whom I am sure you are quite suited. I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy, which explains a lot about my previous behavior! I thought you might like the attached link. William Buckley was quite a devotee. I believe your father might be familiar with this fine lady. Yours, Eric