23 February 2011

The Holy Women

Around Frassati House, people know that I rely on "the holy women." When I first got here, Kathleen Cordell, Sarah McLeod, and Marie Bellet warmed up the atmosphere of Frassati House with their consignment shop expertise. Kathleen, her sister Mary Pat, and Jeanne Robinson still keep us in shape around here. In that first year and later, Alice Bolster could be found in the kitchen, equipping it and feeding the multitudes. Frances Kolb is now keeping our kitchen very welcoming!

One of the most significant days in the history of Vandy Catholic is the day that Kristi Bentley came to work! I actually don't remember when that was because I cannot imagine life here without her, that is, until she was on maternity leave this fall and Laura Scharmer seamlessly filled in for her! Kristi has helped me in so many practical ways, especially is founding our 3 To Get Married Retreat for engaged couples. My entire priesthood I have wanted to have something like this to offer couples preparing for marriage, and she did it! Laura, too, organized our first trip to the March for Life. I have waned to take a group ever since I first came here, and Laura pulled it off! (One of my biggest flops since I have been here was a March for Life fiasco.) The biggest cross that Kristi and Laura have had to carry in working at Frassati House is me. They have been wise is using their "feminine genius" to steer and direct the chaplain around a good many mistakes he would otherwise have made. They also have one big frustration in common: their unsuccessful efforts to get the chaplain to be healthier!

Finally, I have my secret weapon and cheerleader: my big sister, Sr. Margaret Andrew! Her repeated, "you're my hero," both encourages and inspires me. I don't know what I would do without it. I love you.

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The end of your post has me all misty-eyed!