07 February 2011


I hope the board won't mind if I share this with you!

Dear Vandy Catholic Board,
For our meeting tonight, I would like to ask your thoughtful
consideration of how we can implement our mission statement better: to
propose Jesus Christ and to form His disciples at Vanderbilt.

"To propose Jesus Christ" Jesus Christ is the savior of the world and
the incarnation of the love of God. Does our way of living manifest
this reality? Is there anything lacking in our witness to Him? We
need to remember to whom he came and with whom he associated. We
should remember the priority of prayer in His life - loving communion
with His Father - and that His mission flowed from it. What are our
challenges? What are we doing well?

"To form His disciples" What sort of formation am I seeking and
receiving? Am I bringing others to formation? Steps and levels of
formation: sacramental life, prayer, Awakening, FOCUS Bible study,
FOCUS discipleship, RCIA, iFacts, spiritual direction, Fiat, Esto Vir,
human formation by friendship. Invitation. Accountability. What are
ways to engage the first step? To follow up? Things right after Mass
or even during Mass - rethink announcements more as testimony?

"at Vanderbilt" What is the cultue that we are embracing and
engaging? What does it want? Need? Fear? How can we love it
better? How can we attract it to the Gospel?

I would appreciate your consideration along these lines. Please
propose these questions to teammates, those working in the pillars,
etc. There is still lots of time to reach souls! How could we pray
about it together? I thank God that we are "collaborators in the
Truth" (Pope Benedict's motto). With you in the Lord Jesus I am
Faithfully, Fr. Baker


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