13 February 2011


Pope Benedict is at it again: proposing. This time it's vocations to priesthood and religious life. (I will link the message as soon as it is translated into English.) I hope that I am taking a page from the Pope's book. I have been giving out To Save a Thousand Souls at a pretty good rate, accompanied by the invitation to consider the priesthood -- usually with some encouragement that I think the young man in question could be a good priest and with some advice about how to pray about a vocation without stressing about it. And my prayers!

I worry that I do not do enough about vocations for the young women. I really don't know enough about it to be very specifically helpful.

For the young men, I think that every devout Catholic young man should pray and question himself about a vocation to the priesthood when he is free to ask those questions i.e. not in a relationship with a young woman. I don't think that the two go very well together. Everything natural in a man pulls toward marriage whereas a vocation to priesthood cuts across just about every natural current. To get to an answer, one needs freedom from the natural pressures that romantic attraction exert. When there is an answer, feel free to move on. But get to the answer.

Maybe I will write more on my thoughts about "discernment" -- a word that gets blamed for a lot of navel gazing and procrastination.

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Navel gazing and procrastination...hee hee! :) Maria