01 February 2011

Too, too much

Sorry for the pause in posting. There just hasn't been any time for it. For someone who keeps talking about the interior life, I sure have been active lately! Fortunately, I can say that I am doing a better job at keeping order in my plan of life for prayer, sacraments, and spiritual direction than I am in my active endeavors. Well, I guess that I should begin again and hope that people understand why I am not on top of things. I am not sure that I understand :-)

In the midst of being busy and behind, my biggest consolations are saying Mass and hearing Confessions. I can set aside the temporal disorder for a while and do some eternal good.

I had better get back to work, and stop talking about it.

P.S. Wednesday morning -- Dear Lord, you are so good to me. Just when I am being a big whiner (see above), you call me out! Literally to the hospital this morning. I ask for prayers for Brian.

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