20 April 2011


Happy Birthday, Sr. Margaret Andrew! I always joke with my sister, Sister, that she doesn't smile in pictures. So here is a good one :-) I guess that I make up for both of us.

I have to confess that I have had to get used to Sr. Margaret Andrew being in Nashville. We actually have not lived in the same city in a long time. I am sure that I make too much of the strength of my big sister's personality. I could have no greater cheerleader than my sister!

She is so great about finding the best in other people and bringing it out. This is certainly true in my case. So many people have "found themselves" in their encounters with Sr. Margaret Andrew. It is the secret of how she is such a good teacher. She is into education, literally: "leading out" the goodness that lies within her students.

She is also incredibly well educated herself: B.A., two Masters, and a Ph.D. on the way. And yet she actually pretends not to be very smart. That won't fly anymore!

She integrates it all so well under the mantle of Charity. You never can tell, for example, when a literary discussion will turn to a manifestation of the love of Jesus. Or when a errand will turn into a work of mercy. That is the way things are supposed to be. You ought to see her on the beach at the Redneck Riviera! The New Evangelizatoin, indeed!

Well, I love you very much!

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