23 April 2011

Holy Saturday

"Something strange is happening"... That is how the Second Reading at the Office Readings begins today. Certainly true historically and liturgically. There must have been some premonition of the revolutionary newness of the resurrection.

I can also say the same about my life right now. I think that the Lord is calling me to embrace His newness as I have never done before. I think that He has offered in the past but I have failed to accept. I thought that there was too much holding me back -- in my case, mainly negative emotions. The Lord is offering again. Please pray for me to accept this time: to come out of Egypt like Israel, to come out of the tomb like Lazarus. I love a quotation from one of St. Francis de Sales meditations: "What are we doing in Egypt?" Indeed.

The only emotion worth taking personally is that which is associated with the love of Jesus Christ for us.

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