24 April 2011

"Next Time"

"What already exists is not called into question." Pope Benedict offers this view of the historicity of the Resurrection. God allows what is to remain intact while offering something new. The Pope actually uses the term "evolutionary leap"! I understand his point as the Divine "next time."

Let me try to unravel what I am thinking. I think that the Pope is trying to address the skepticism of those who say that the Resurrection is impossible because it contradicts scientific data. He proposes the notion that it does not contradict science but offers new insights about life beyond scientific phenomena. He admits that the Resurrection does not fit into current scientific categories because it is actually the first act of a new creation and therefore of a new science, so to speak. He respects the old creation while not limiting Himself to its categories. He does something new.

I frankly do not have the time or the energy to go much further into this! It would help for me actually to read the book first: Jesus of Nazareth, Holy Week. But it has given me some practical insight into living the Resurrection. Last night, for example, I was the Master of Ceremonies for the Bishop's celebration of the Easter Vigil at the Cathedral. We got off to a ceremonial rough start but eventually found our footing! I tend to allow such things to upset my peace, and this did for a time. But then I thought, "next time" rather than "should have." Even in this trivial and subjective example, the pattern can be seen. The mistakes of "history" were not denied, but the potential for newness carried me forward. It seems to me that we could call this "new science," mercy.

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Erin said...

Love this! How beautiful and logical to ponder that the New Creation will operate by new laws of science!