20 April 2011


Looking back at my posts this semester, I see a big omission: any sort of personal reference to one of the biggest changes at Vandy Catholic since I have been here. I had posted a link to an article about it, but I had not commented in a personal way. I am talking about Chad Michael Cunningham coming to Vandy Catholic officially as Director of Campus Ministry and Development. I have been reserved about this for a couple of reasons. The first is that I had to be for so long. I didn't want to "blow it" as we were working through the long process of making a hire. Secondly, I was concerned about being too personal. The first in now happily resolved. I have been cured of the second worry by CeeCee Savrda, one of the FOCUS missionaries. I experienced her influence on me in this regard just last night as I gave some advice to Chad. (More about that later.)

Last night Chad gave his valedictory iFacts class of his first year teaching. It was really a personal testimony about why all of this theology matters. I am moved to thank him and to acknowledge him personally and publicly. I have labored hard here at Vanderbilt for five school years. During that time, I have often had to live small; but I always kept dreaming big. In the past year, a rare thing (in my experience) happened: both the vision for our future and means to accomplish it have come together in the person of Chad. The adventure just continues! I am excited by the prospect that it might soon be possible for his teaching to be more widely appreciated. Let's just pray about that for now. Since it is Holy Week and not a good time for celebrating, I will leave you with this picture from Christmas time!


Laura said...

I like this. And I love the picture.

Anonymous said...

Well praise the Lord! And that picture is just fantastic.~Maria