10 April 2011

Wishing Big

O Happy Fault! Yesterday our air conditioning drain backed up so that we had a wet spot on the carpet upstairs in the Frassati House. It seemed like a good idea to pull up the carpet just around the HVAC closet to see how to dry out the carpeting. Well, that was all the invitation that I needed to start ripping up carpet like a mad man. It helped that Chad was here both for the muscle and the madness factors. That carpet has been in my sights for a long time, but pulling up carpet is not something to be undertaken lightly so I have always backed down...until last night! So now the die is cast! Carpet is out of the hallway and chapel. The offices remain until I have a little more help -- my madness only went so far. So we are going to need to sand and refinish the floors. And first we are going to take the opportunity to paint as well. Very exciting and long overdue.

Here is where my divine madness begins: The renovation of the chapel. If we are going to be making changes anyway, why not take the opportunity to make the chapel more worthy for the Lord Jesus?

Our chapel in the house is in a converted bedroom -- and it looks like it, despite our loving efforts to make Our Lord's room suitable for Him. It has been repeatedly on my heart that we need to do better for Him. Although we are poor as can be and have many needs, I am moving the renovation of the chapel to the top of the list. As soon as I can get someone here with technical skills, I will show you some drawings. You see, I have not been idle waiting for this moment!

If you can help, here is what we need:
Altar $2,000
Ambo $1,500
Reredos $4,000
Benches $3,000
Sacristy $1,000
Shrine $2,000

Total $13,500 for structural renovations


Anonymous said...

You're starting to remind me of Mother Maria from the film "Lilies of the field!"

Laura said...

First off... WHAT! I leave for ONE day and this is what happens! Chad is rubbing off on you, Father...

And secondly: Yesssss it's about time. :)