19 May 2011

If you are not bored enough already...

I have decided to separate out my more personal ruminations from the Vandy+Catholic blog. In the odd chance that you are interested in such things, you can go to Finer Than A Frog's Hair.

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inpegsheart said...

I am trying to get my blog organized. That's a full time job.
I would be happy to talk to you about the OP's. You can email me... inpegsheart@gmail.com.

I will be coming to Nashville for a Benefactor's Mass & Brunch at the Motherhouse August 28. Please pray for me to find a way to pay for the trip. My car is not that good, it's almost 19 years old. Gasoline is so expensive. If God wants me to be there, He will have to make the way! I got to stay in the guest rooms the last time. I hope that they will let me stay this time too.