10 May 2011

Now Let Us Praise Famous Women

This is a topic that I would rather not face. Kristi Bentley, my administrative assistant, is leaving her position at Vanderbilt Catholic for family reasons. See picture -- it is worth at least a thousand words. I am so grateful to Kristi for so much. I literally do not know what I would have done without her.

For my first year here, I was totally on my own. Although very happy to be at Vanderbilt, I was really lost and frustrated down deep. I tried to keep smiling! I wanted Vanderbilt Catholic to be everything that it could be. The big problem was that there was just me. Then came Kristi, and everything got better -- especially me!

Kristi was exactly what we needed. Of course, she is organized and on top of things -- a big necessity when I can't even organize a two-car funeral procession! And incredibly cheerful to boot, even with morning sickness :-) Most importantly Kristi embraced our mission before we even knew what it was: proposing Jesus Christ and forming His disciples. Kristi has a spiritual maturity so far beyond her years! She did so much spiritual counseling "on the sly," particularly for the chaplain.

She keeps saying that she "loves her job." I have to confess that she has been overworked and underpaid -- welcome to the Church! Kristi -- remember that you can call in just about any favor at any time from me. I owe it to you. You have helped me in my mission here, and you have helped me to grow through some difficult times. You developed the marriage preparation retreat that I have always wanted to offer since I became a priest. And on and on. You have a bigger and better job to do, but we will miss you here!

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Kristi said...

I am flattered beyond flattered. My leaving is indeed bittersweet. I will miss this gift of Vanderbilt Catholic and you, Fr. Baker, so incredibly much. No dry eyes here. Thank for the opportunity of a lifetime. I love the priesthood all the more because of you and your fidelity to your Bride, the Church. Don't worry, we will be around to bother you... in the meantime, be at peace. And I will try to be as well.