07 May 2011

Proposing Jesus Christ...

Now I will write about the procession. I am so grateful to Joe Konopa for the really extraordinarily beautiful pictures of the Eucharistic Procession. Like all true art, they need no explanation.

The procession was an experience of trust. There was fear on the part of some of the students about the procession. What would it mean? Were we doing it more or less to show off? Would the Blessed Sacrament be safe from being profaned or, perhaps worse, ignored? Would the procession merely be a stunt, to say that we did it? These were legitimate concerns. In the end, I decided to risk it; and I think that the procession avoided these pitfalls.

To me, the procession was the physical manifestation of what Vanderbilt Catholic has been doing all year: following Jesus Christ visibly on campus. The effects have been both broad and deep. Frankly, for the most part, the presence of Jesus on campus has passed unnoticed. But for those who have noticed, I think that His presence has been intriguing. And for the few who have followed, His presence has become profound. I think that we saw all of this in the procession. Look at the faces of the students looking out of the window of the Biomedical Library. Look at the faces of the students in the procession.

I also saw a living icon of Vanderbilt Catholic. The whole thing formed up around Jesus Christ. I am there to be lost in the trappings of holding him up. Student leaders, FOCUS missionaries, Chad, offer light and honor and love to Him. We all pass incongruously but beautifully through the secularity of Vanderbilt offering a complimentary light and presence. We were on His way.

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