09 May 2011

There be Dragons

I just got back from seeing There be Dragons which was better than I thought it would be. I would definitely recommend seeing it.

I am sure that as a priest, especially as a priest who works with university students, I have an unusual take on the movie. It was a painfully good example of what I am supposed to be. In that respect, the movie was very helpful to me. It called me to conversion. It also helped me to see again the beauty of my life. I hope that I am not being too vain in saying this, but I feel that students here would care for me -- actually do care for me -- in a way somewhat similar to the way that the students cared for St. Josemaria. I am not too good at seeing much good in myself (just ask Tala), and the movie actually helped me to see some fleeting shadows of a saint in myself, although I should be much holier. I guess what I mean to say is that the movie has inspired me to begin again at being the saint that God created me to be: a saint right here at Vanderbilt Catholic.

Well, if my last several posts had you wondering about my mental stability, then this one puts all doubt to rest!

P.S. After sleeping (and I did sleep!) on the movie and talking with Geoff Smith, I think that I would say that I really liked the parts about St. Josemaria. I think that they made a saint believable, even self-flagellation! But the other part was pretty muddled. OK -- there's my two-cent's worth. Still I would recommend seeing the movie.


Laura said...

Father, like I said, Saint Josemaria reminds me very much of you. You do a wonderful job of leading our community. When I think about the way you love Jesus, and when I see you put that love into practice every day in so many ways, you make me love Him more, too.

So, thank you.

OP Wannabe said...

duh we'll take care of you, Faj!

Anonymous said...

I went to see the movie with a
friend who is not a practicing
Catholic and who has at times
been hostile to the faith. He
thought as you did that the part
about St. Josemaria was the best
part of the movie and that the
director should have concentrated
more on the drama of his life.