26 June 2011

New Monastics

There was an article in the morning paper about a group of people here in Nashville living a communal life together. They have moved into a bad neighborhood and transformed a run down apartment building. The are part of a larger movement called "the New Monastics." What they are doing sounds very interesting and praiseworthy, but I would not call it even remotely monastic. It seems mainly to be drawn together by concerns for community, solidarity, ecology, etc. Not bad at all, but a far cry from charity!

Anyhow, I am not going to dissect what they are doing because it seems good to me, as far as it goes. But if they can do so much for these concerns, what should we be able to do for the love of God? These people are really living these beliefs. How can we really live our faith? Do we need to uproot ourselves more, literally and figuratively?

Let's pray about it and see where God leads us.

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OP Wannabe said...

Yeah, interesting choice for the paper to use "monastic." Hmmm