19 June 2011

Vanderbilt Catholic goes viral!

This may take a little while so bear with me. Vanderbilt Catholic has formed a partnership with the Newman Connection to provide catechetical formation on the Internet via their web network. Filming begins tomorrow on Chad Cunningham's course, "College Catholicism." This is the introductory course of a three year curriculum to equip university Catholics to be able to live their faith first by knowing it. I am very excited about how this project has developed from an idea last summer at this time to offer intellectual formation at Vanderbilt Catholic to a project that will benefit students far beyond Vanderbilt. Chad is just the man for the job, and the Newman Connection is the instrument for spreading the word widely. I ask you pray for it's success. You can be united in prayer on the Newman Connection web site. Sorry my blogging skills are limited when I am mobile so I don't know how to provide the link, but I'm sure you can find it!

For some reason, the Newman Connection also wants me to participate in a project to open up YOUCAT so I will be filming too on Tuesday. Really pray for that one! I am even more encouraged about YOUCAT after seeing the reaction of the FOCUS missionaries to it. It's one thing for someone about 50 to like it, and quite another for the intended users to be enthusiastic.

Please pray also for our temporal needs at Vanderbilt Catholic. Feel free to hit the "donate" button before the end of the month, which is the end of our fiscal year! Beyond that, however, pray that our place in the organizational structure of the diocese will be clarified. I don't think that the diocese quite knows what to do with us. I know that I am a trial to them, and I know that they are trying to be helpful. The problem is that they expect us to act like an agency in the Chancery, but we are on a mission on campus and in the world. So I need patience and generosity in working through this to a fruitful resolution. All for good!

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Location:St. John's Catholic Newman Center, Champaign, IL

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Anonymous said...

This may not be helpful but even though I have no
particular interest in Vanderbilt, I feel that Vandy
Catholic has a long term important role in influencing
our culture through the disciplines of law, medicine,
science, literature etc. If the Catholic students
from Vanderbilt are formed with a true knowledge of
Catholic teaching, they will have input in ethical
decisions and crafting laws when they take their place
in the world whether in the classroom, courts, operating
rooms or Congressional offices. One of the tragic
consequences of poor Catholic formation has been the
enabling part that elected Catholic officials and
public servants have played in advancing the Culture of
Death. That ends up affecting everyone eventually.

So hang in there, Father!