12 June 2011


Up to now, I have been a CCC (Catechism of the Catholic Church) purist. But YOUCAT has won me over right from Pope Benedict's Foreward on. I am going to be using it next year. Get ready. Get a copy!


Anonymous said...

My child is high school age. I
just saw a copy of YOUCAT. This
is an answer to a prayer.

Charles P. said...

Father, will you order a bunch of them and sell them through V+C?

Anonymous said...

I urge caution in using YouCat. Most importantly, its presentation of the doctrine on sexual ethics in ¶ 421 is questionable. A weaker, but still worthy consideration is to wonder if filtering the Catholic religion through a medium specifically designed to appeal to the youth is prudent. Does it not make our faith appear childish? That is all.