10 July 2011


30, 60, and 100 fold! OK -- so when are you and your 30 new friends (to take the most conservative number) heading off to Mass this morning? Wow, I'm behind already!

So often I see the faces of people I encounter -- even at Mass, and I don't see joy or peace. And I fail to evangelize them -- to give them the Good News of Jesus Christ. Or I am discouraged when I try and my efforts seem to fall flat. But one who loves is not easily discouraged.

Lord, re-evangelize my heart this morning! Remind me of your goodness and every perfection. Protect me from the evil one, who delights to trip me up in sin and then accuses me to rob me of joy.

Now, let me bear fruit -- ABUNDANTLY!

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Laura said...

Stellar homily this morning, Fahj. I was inspired. You have given us a wonderful challenge! I miss you already!