24 July 2011

My homily today

As Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J., notes in his Modern Catholic Dictionary, "Where faith is a simple knowledge of the articles of Christian belief, wisdom goes on to a certain divine penetration of the truths themselves."

This was the gist of my homily today.

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Anonymous said...

I love Fr. Hardon. His description of the
sin of detraction in the catechism he
wrote in the '80's was clearer than the
CCC. That was true of so much of his
work. Someone who had accompanied him
on a speaking engagement said that he
always had a rosary in his hand. This
good and gentle man should be more well
known among the faithful. He could clear
up so much confusion.

Nora said...

And a fine homily it was! DC and Brian talked about it over lunch. We were glad to welcome you back to SJV for the weekend.