30 August 2011

Guarenteed Cure for Insomnia!

Click here to see what your humble chaplain has been up to!


bridget said...

Good job, Father. Would putting info
about this series on Catholic high
school websites be appropriate? I
think there are high school students
who could benefit from this. The
videos are short enough to hold a
teenager's attention and still have
them take away something valuable from
it. I know that high school theology
classes are improving but still the
approach is often disappointing and
there is so little time before kids
go to college and abandon their faith.
It would be nice to have one more
resource to encourage them to hold onto
their faith.


CeeCee said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! You are so amazing!

OP Wannabe said...

Umm...amazing. I am trying to buy one but they are sold out on Amazon! I will have to settle for a Kindle version... :-)

Frog's hair said...

They are available at Vandy Catholic ;-)