26 August 2011


A growing part of Vanderbilt Catholic is iFACTS, the Institute for Advancing Catholic Thought and Studies. Chad Cunningham is the director of the Institute. This year the curriculum moves into year two. The first course is called College Catholicism. It is basically a romp through the parts one and two of the Catechism: doctrine, liturgy, and sacraments. This course will be available for viewing on-line @ www.newmanconnection.com. The second year will deal with the Church's social teaching this semester and virtues next semester. The third year will roll out Theology of the Body and vocations.

But that is not all for iFACTS. Inaugurating a program of integrated studies this semester will be a course on Dante's Divine Comedy, simply the Commedia in Italian. This course will be taught by Professor Robert Benson, retired Professor of English at my alma mater, the University of the South. This course will be offered on Wednesday nights. This is a treasure!

We will also be offering a Catholic lecture series with speakers from many disciplines, including an exorcist! This should be an intellectually stimulating year at Vanderbilt Catholic.

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