12 August 2011

St. Clare, Pray for us!

For those of you who heard my rambly (like that narrows it down at all!) homily yesterday on the feast of St. Clare, here is an awesome quotation from her as well as pictures of her hair and habit that I was talking about. I think that she must have been a striking woman in just about every sense.

I really went off on a tangent in the homily (again, what's new). I had meant to focus in on virginity. St. Clare is no caricature of virginity. Look at the quote linked above or the one in the Office of Readings for her feast. There is no prudery in her! Her virginity, like everything else in her, is so powerful, strong. It makes her more human, not less. More attractive, not less. Why? Because it has united her with the Lord Jesus, the true Man and Beautiful one. This is true virginity.

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bridget said...

I love the story of St. Clare repelling
the forces of Frederick II twice. The
first time by raising the Eucharist
at the window of her convent, and the
second time, by praying with her
sisters to deliver the city from his
attack. "Her virginity, like everything
else in her, is so powerful, strong."