16 September 2011


"Define the Relationship:" I thought that I had posted about this acronym before, and I was right. I did not go as far with it as I had meant to at the time. So let me strike out again into dangerous territory.

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I tend to believe that "to know and love one other human being is the root of all wisdom" -- from Brideshead Revisited, where else? I am glad to be supported in this view by Dante whose relationship with Beatrice is the exaltation of romantic love literally to the heights of heaven.

So now let's look at DTR. Define Dante's relationship to Beatrice. Ridiculous.

Even though a relationship should mature particularly by drawing on the love of friendship, what a relationship is, if it is anything, is indefinable. That is what makes it so scary. Jesus sets the model for the all the bridegrooms out there. Nothing can be held back or exempted from what sacrifice might be required: "My God, my God..."

If you are going to calculate the cost, then you have already defined the relationship...out of existence.

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