01 November 2011

All Saints

Your being a saint should sneak up on people the way a Holy Day of Obligation during the week does. There it is in the middle of everything else! Nobody really notices (or cares) unless you are trying actually to do it.

Today, for example, I have a very ordinary family occasion -- it would be ordinary if I actually had much family! Of course, it falls on November 1, All Saints Day. What would ordinarily be something very simple and fun has actually become a strain because of what I have to do on All Saints Day, which nobody else knows about. So I try to work it out, with a little help from my friends. It gets done, but it is not like everybody else.

That is the story of holiness in the Christian life most of the time. We look like everybody else, but we are not. We are carrying out a supernatural mission in the midst of ordinary, natural life. Sometimes it works smoothly; frequently it is a strain. But our duty is to do it, whether anyone notices or cares.

Your friends will very likely not notice or care if you go to Mass today. It will not seem a big deal to them. For you, it will mean the strain of finding a Mass and all that entails in the midst of carrying out your other duties lovingly and well. It's our secret!

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