15 November 2011


I wanted to share with you the type of inquiry I receive all the time. This came in yesterday:

"I am a VU alum and college counselor; one of our seniors should be a viable applicant to VU--her academic record certainly outclasses the one I presented. She and her mother have inquired about the Catholic community at Vanderbilt and I told her I'd reach out to you. Is it all right for that family to contact you with their specific questions?"

I love Vanderbilt. I was born here -- literally! It actually goes beyond that. My parents met here. I went to law school here. I am even I life-long Vandy football fan, and I can't want for the 'Dores to take on UT in Knoxville this weekend. When inquiries like this come in, I am proud to say that we have a vibrant Catholic community which compares well with peer institutions, particularly because it is substantial and not merely social. And the university gets all of this for free!

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