14 December 2011

All Over But the Shouting!

It is getting that time of the semester again when things wind down. To those of you who are still battling exams, count on my prayers! To those who are already wrapped up, have a merry, merry Christmas!

I am eager for a little break myself, including a silent retreat after Christmas. That is where I will be over New Years so I so don't look for me in Memphis at the Liberty Bowl. I am also sorry to say that I won't be here just when everyone gets back because I will be giving a retreat at the Josephinum, my seminary in Ohio. My holiday travels are thus to Ohio and Alabama!

I am not unhappy to say goodbye to this semester, and I am happy to be getting ready for the next one! It is going to be different, I am pretty sure. Could I ask you a favor? Please write to me about what you think that Vanderbilt Catholic does well and about what we could do better. Where should our priorities be, from your perspective? Please pray about the religious liberty issues here at Vanderbilt and about the future direction and staffing of Vanderbilt Catholic.

If all of that is not enough, I am also thinking that maybe we should change our name! I have to say that I do not really like giving Vanderbilt top billing in our name! I think that maybe we could use some "Catholic branding," as they say. I have an idea in mind that combines our past at Vanderbilt and links us to Catholic campus ministries at many universities throughout the English-speaking world. What would you recommend?

OK -- back to today!

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