29 January 2012

"New Co-ed Housing Options"

Bad as the non-discrimination policy is, this is worse:

In response to student demand, three new options that de-
emphasize gender will be available for the 2012-2013 academic
year. A floor of Lupton House in Branscomb Quadrangle will offer
and equal number of double rooms for women and men and a floor in
Carmichael Towers East Building 2 will offer an equal number of
single rooms and double rooms for women and men. Also in
Carmichael Towers, a small number of suites will be open to mixed
sex groups of students. The double rooms of the suites will be single
sex but otherwise the students will decide on the composition of their suites."
(From the Dean of Students Office of Housing and Residential Education)

"In response student demand...de-emphasize gender," indeed!

The last sentence of the quotation is the silliest thing I have ever read!

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Anonymous said...

When the invocation is dropped from Commencement exercises (last spring) and religious organizations are forced to consider atheists as their officers (at least theoretically, yet they would never allow a republican to be an officer of the student democrats), and a "genderless" agenda is upheld as ideal (who knows where else besides in housing), it should be safe to assume that there is a broad agenda behind all of it.