21 January 2012

Why not just go along with the non-discrimination policy?

I am sure that many of you are asking: "How likely is it under this policy that someone who is not Catholic could become an officer of Vanderbilt Catholic?" I would answer: "Not very."

But that is not the point. Here are two points of principle that this policy violates (others will follow!):

1. This policy is applied inconsistently. There are numerous student organizations that operate in violation of this policy with the university's blessing and even encouragement: for example, all Greek organizations are discriminatory not only in leadership but in membership. The university is free to apply this policy to them but chooses not to. This is inconsistent on the part of the university.

2. This policy is discriminatory of a particular variety of religious groups. The policy is worded generally but in effect it targets only a certain category of religious groups. Discrimination that targets religious expression is highly suspect and invidious.

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