01 February 2012

Salus Animarum

Enough about the non-discrimination policy! We have fought the good fight. Anyone who cares to know, knows our problems with the policy. It is going into effect. We will have to wait to see what the administration intends to do. Fortitude consists primarily in patient endurance. Give it to us, Lord!

Let's get back to the work of "salus animarum" -- "the safety of souls." Actually, I hope that we have never left it. We have Awakening coming up this weekend! There is dinner at Dismas House tonight, adoration tomorrow, and Mass every day. There is so much good going on. And there are so many grave and immediate threats to the safety of souls here at Vanderbilt -- here and here. Jesus, save souls!



Kristi said...

Amen! We will pray!

Anonymous said...

Don't loose heart. The Holy Spirit
will bring good out of all of this.
Freshman year of college, my Intro
to Philosophy teacher dismissed
Aquinas in half a class session. The
same year, an English professor
introduced me to C.S. Lewis and
Tolkien. Both helped in my conversion. In my mid thirties, I
was reintroduced to Aquinas through
Jacques Maritain and knew that any
thought that was so beautiful, even
if I didn't begin to understand it at the time, must be true. And once
you have a reason to tackle Christian classics, it's not long
before Lewis, Tolkien, Newman,
Chesterton, Augustine, O'Connor,
Walker Percy and so many others
become your friends and lead you

God bless you.