10 February 2012

Silver Linings!

Just as the discrimination against religious groups here at Vanderbilt has produced more prayer and more consideration of religion on campus than I have ever seen before, so too the HHS mandate has highlighted contraception in a way never before seen. It is a great teachable moment for the Church to educate on what is wrong with contraception.

We have neglected this teaching for a long time, and that neglect is haunting us now. The rational arguments for marriage, for example, are founded on the understanding that openness to procreation is naturally built into the marital act. If it is OK for procreation to be excluded from sex, then there is no rational argument against all kinds of sexual variations. Other than the unique relationship to children, sex need not be limited in any particular way. Eliminate the possibility of children, and anything goes! That is just what we see in the debates about same-sex marriage -- it is about preferences, not principles.

Let's propose Jesus Christ -- including His teaching about what God intended for marriage from the beginning: "be fruitful and multiply"! That is what marital love does -- naturally!


Anonymous said...

It is frustrating that parish priests have avoided open discussion of Church views on contraception. Each time someone states the statistic of "the 98%" of Catholic women using contraception, I want to scream out, "I am the 2%!" As a young married woman who uses Natural Family Planning, I wish there was more dialogue within the Church that shows young women that contraception is not the only way.

Anonymous said...

The statistic that I've seen says 98%
of Catholic women have at some time
used artificial contraceptives. I
would fall into that category though
for the past 22 years I've followed
the Church's teaching and never
regretted it.

Found a few quotes from Catholic
women that might be of interest:

"The Church's stand on birth control
is the most absolutely spiritual of all her stands and with all of us
being materialists at heart, there
is little wonder that it causes unease." Flannery O'Connor from

"When man takes to himself the right
to use sex as pleasure alone, cutting it away from its creative aspect by artificial birth control,
by perverse practices, he is denying the absolute Supremacy of the Creative Deity." Dorothy Day

"We do believe that there is not only the genocide of war, the genocide that took place in the extermination of Jews but the whole
program--I'm speaking now as a Catholic--of birth control and abortion, is another form of genocide." Dorothy Day from a 1974