11 March 2012

"All Comers" policy back to "Non-discrimination" policy

The ill-advised use of "all comers" language was quietly scrapped in the "non-discrimination" policy that has finally appeared.

It is a remarkable document worthy of the best tradition of totalitarian double speak! The most amazing statement in it is that nothing has changed, even though such a coercive document has never before appeared. But nothing has changed!

I have to give whomever came up with this thing credit for painting a bull's eye right on the backs of religious groups who believe that their religious identities matter. It "tip toes" all over the place creating all kinds of exceptions so that favored groups are exempt. In particular, the hurtfully discriminatory Greek organizations can continue to discriminate as they have always done whereas religious groups, which are in fact the most open groups on campus, are targeted very carefully. The policy is impressive -- impressive in its duplicity.

Well, it is too soon to say what we will do. We have to think about what the words actually say, and what we can say in response in good conscience.

Go watch this movie to get your conscience in shape for such a crisis: