01 March 2012

And so what?

Vanderbilt's administration is relativistic. And that is news? Of course it is!

I really want to be more than a pebble in the shoe of the administration. I want to be a beacon of light in the darkness!

Despite fits of crankiness, I really am happy. Deeply happy. The students that I work with the most are even happier than I am because they are holier than I am. Let me give you just one example of holy silliness: Kempmas!

What is that? Very good question. Some of the boys who live together in a suite have become, shall I say, obsessed with Thomas a Kempis. They appreciate his rigor, but approach it with something more of a Thomistic (Aquinas, that is) optimism. Noticing that the Roman Martyrology has no saints at all listed for February 29, they claimed it for Thomas a Kempis, hence Kempmas. They even composed dreary carols for the occasion.

I will try to provide links, if I can. It defies explanation. But the joy is infectious.

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