13 March 2012

Prayers, please

I am going to stop venting about the manifest injustice of the administration's non-discrimination policy toward religious groups. But feel free to carry on without me ;-)

What we here at Vanderbilt Catholic have to do now is to decide if we must "bear wrongs patiently," as in the spiritual work of mercy, and submit to this injustice for the greater good of continuing to work with students in relative tranquility or whether as a matter of conscience we must not submit to a lie and rather trust in God to show us a new way to carry out His work for the salvation of these students.

I am tormented by temptation and doubt in every direction. I want only the truth. I think that I know what it is, but I realize that my decision in this matter influences many other people. For this reason, I need to be right. So I am praying, and I ask for your prayers, too.

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Anonymous said...

One thing worth doing is to publicize this policy to as many Catholic high schools as possible. Start with the Catholic high schools that current Vanderbilt students attended. Contact the Jesuit Secondary Education Association. Every diocesan high school through the bishops' conference. When the Admissions office gets 'less selective' and falls in the US News rankings, money will again rule the day and they'll relent.