12 March 2012

Reasons to discriminate, Vandy style

The list of permissible forms of discrimination (from the FAQs portion of this page) is particularly Vandy-esque. Of course, money is an acceptable form of discrimination -- see #3! And being smart -- #2. As well as being a good "company man" or woman -- #4 & #5. And what #6 means, being limited and open at the same time -- you've got me. I think it has something to do with Greeks and all those important form of discrimination that they practice like hair style, handbags, Daddy's bank account -- you know, the important stuff. That's all OK with Vanderbilt.

1. Singing groups require students to audition.
2. Honor societies and others have GPA cutoffs
3. Groups may require members to pay dues.
4. Groups may require members to attend meetings regularly.
5. Groups may require that only those students who have been in good standing for a specified period of time or have served on at least one committee are eligible to be officers.
6. Groups may have numerical limits to membership as long as membership is open to all students.

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