28 April 2012

11th Commandment....

Thou shalt not condemn other religious groups.

I have been getting some "fishing expedition" questions that seem to be inviting me to comment on the decisions of other religious groups at Vanderbilt.  I won't do it, and I encourage others not to either.

The problem with the policy is the Vanderbilt administration's illiberal application of it, not the conscientious decisions of religious groups.  I know that there is not a religious group on campus that does not have some problem with the policy -- if not for themselves, then in solidarity with those who do.  I have experienced the low morale at the chaplains' meetings.

I regret that there has been fragmentation of the religious response to the policy.  I believe that the administration has used fear and intimidation to bring about the fragmentation.  All the power in this situation, of course, is in the administration's hands.  Power is also the reason that the Greeks have been exempted from the policy.

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