10 April 2012

On We Go!

After my last chaplain's meeting last week, I was more convinced than ever that Vanderbilt Catholic has chosen the better way. The morale in the room was absolutely, well, demoralizing! I was in complete sympathy with the Hillel director, who pointed out that most of the fraternities had taken their members and dates off for the weekend on their "formals." He was concerned because Passover began last weekend. It was an important weekend for Christians too ;-) But the buses for formals pulled out on Friday.

What a terrible idea these "formals" are! The decorated coolers are such a sad emblem of these events. Yet the university supports the fraternities. In contrast, FCA was called on the carpet by the university for planning a mission trip to Haiti over spring break. Go figure.

I am so glad not to be involved in the politics and the political correctness of being a registered organization!

Also, in today's newspaper 11 other religious groups announced that they are not complying with the policy. They have submitted constitutions with religious requirements for leadership, I guess, in the expectation of being rejected. I wish them well whatever happens. They have named their group: Solidarity! Bl. John Paul the Great, pray for us!

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