26 April 2012

Preparing Lay Faithful (and some clerics and religious, too)

As we adjust to the new reality in our relationship with the university, I am learning to like it.  It is more realistic.  I think that it is actually better for us to have a relationship that respects the fact that the Catholic Church and Vanderbilt University are different entities with different interests.  Clear boundaries make for better relationships.

I think that the new relationship with the university will allow the students to exercise their apostolate of friendship on campus more effectively.  They do not need an organization or title to be witnesses of Jesus Christ.  As the chaplain, I will be able to offer spiritual formation for the students to accept in a spirit of freedom.  In the world, the activities of the Church are not sponsored by secular institutions.   I do not see how the approbation of a secular university matters much in the mission of the Christian faithful.

I am excited about the adventure that the Holy Spirit has launched us on!

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Jenny said...

Good fences make good neighbors.