02 May 2012


Gov. Haslam has just extended to Vanderbilt the kind of toleration that Vanderbilt will not extend to religious groups:

“I don’t agree with Vanderbilt’s ‘all-comers’ policy. It is counter-intuitive to make campus organizations open their membership and leadership positions to anyone and everyone, even when potential members philosophically disagree with the core values and beliefs of the organization,” he said in a statement. “Although I disagree with Vanderbilt’s policy, as someone who strongly believes in limited government, I think it is inappropriate for government to mandate the policies of a private institution."

Chancellor Zeppos likes to be treated the way he refuses to treat religious groups:

“While we respect the governor’s position on Vanderbilt’s policy, we are gratified by his rejection of government intrusion into private institutions and their ability to govern and set policies themselves,” Vanderbilt Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos said in a prepared statement.

Doesn't he get it yet?  Go see the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12).

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