28 June 2012

Here's the news!

Vanderbilt Catholic's team is in place for this year, including a new director of campus ministry and two new FOCUS missionaries.  Also, the renovations to Frassati House are being finalized -- it's beautiful.

I decided not to wait any more for pictures, etc.  I will get to those in time.  I wanted to share the news.

Caroline Duffy will be joining us from Baltimore.  Caroline has experience in education, campus ministry, mission work, a Master's degree from the John Paul II Institute in Marriage and Family -- all great things for Vandy Catholic!  She will be starting in July.

Caralyn Towey and Chris Hauerwas will be joining Elizabeth Watkins and Jerorme Ibarra on FOCUS Team Vandy!  I spent couple of weeks with them at FOCUS training.  They'll be great!

Kathleen Cordell has her hands full trying to get me organized and has overseen the beautiful transformations at Frassati House.

And then there's me.  Here we go!