27 August 2012

Amazing weekend

Amazing for how much was accomplished this weekend!

We had our first regular 9 p.m. Mass last night.  Isn't that practically what Roman Rush is all about?  From what I can tell, we should plan on getting kicked off campus regularly!

18 August 2012


Well, even though we are the same organization we have always been, we are beginning a transition to a new name.  This could be fun!  At least for a little while, we will still use Vanderbilt Catholic because we don't have another name, and everything that we have says that on it.  But we are definitely changing the name.  To make sure that we are in compliance with the university's wishes, we will submit some names to them to see if they are OK, then we will announce a change.  So it will be a bit of a transition.  Stay tuned!

08 August 2012

Vanderbilt Catholic has its groove back!

If you missed the Open House last night, you missed a great party and a celebration of the past, present, and future of Vanderbilt Catholic.

Sitting on ready and rocking on go for the Year of Faith!

07 August 2012

Finishing touches!

The Frassati House is looking great.  We are ready to show it off tonight at our open house.  But even more, I am eager to show off our new Director of Campus Ministry, Caroline Duffy; our seminarian Brendan Johnson; our FOCUS team; and (she will hate me for saying this) our administrative assistant, Kathleen Cordell.  Of course, she will be slaving in the kitchen and refuse to take a bow for all her hard work.  But don't be fooled.  All the beautiful improvements, both the real ones and the virtual ones on line, are due to her great talent, dedication, and hard work.  Come celebrate with us.  Next, it's full steam ahead to Roman Rush!