01 September 2012

Meet the People!

If there is one lesson of evangelization that I want to teach the students here in the Community of Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati it's: MEET THE PEOPLE!  All the planning in the world and all the promotion in the world and all the events in the world are pointless as evangelization unless one meets the people.  Invite, invite, invite!  Be where the people are, talk to them, invite them, bring them!  Facebook friending won't do it!

Growing up in a small Tennessee town, I was accustomed to the first question that anyone asked you was where you went to church.  My parents were constantly asking people to come to church with us or greeting people who were new at church and asking them to a meal or offering them a ride.  And I grew up an Episcopalian!

Every member of the Community of Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati should always come to Mass, Adoration, or any Frassati event with someone they have invited.  We should always speak first to anyone at Mass or at any event who is unknown.  We should always follow up with an invitation of some sort.

More than anything evangelization is a habit -- like most things in life.  Form a habit of the heart to share Jesus personally.  Meet the people!

Here is a good article on good campus ministry.
Notice where meeting the people is on the list:  #1!

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